About Us

Our agency is licensed and insured. All our monitors are pre-qualified and supervised. They are trained in CPR and First Aid, and the California Justice Department screens each of them using Live Scan or Trust Scan.

We can also provide multi-lingual monitors or monitors for the Deaf. Monitors are available for the following:

  • American Sign Language
  • Armenian
  • English
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Others

Please call 800-526-5129 for availability

Some of our monitors have different backgrounds and training. If you have other needs, please ask. We may be able to fulfill your special needs or requests.

All monitors meet the 5.20 California Rules of the Court guidelines required for supervised visitations.

Children and their safety are our top priority! Let’s consider how the family members’ high-conflict situation arose: struggles for power and control; passion and wild emotions; impetuous decisions and rash behavior; poor judgment, panic, and a cycle of abuse. What follows is intervention by the Family Court, which then imposes mandated Monitored Visitations.

Our Monitors are both authoritative and sympathetic. With their expert training and experience, they can observe how Monitored Parents interact with their children. Our Monitors can identify which aspects of the Monitored Parents’ behavior require greater scrutiny and then offer supportive and constructive corrections. We aim to reduce and eliminate these behavioral problems so that Parents and Children will establish positive relationships with each other.

We serve the needs of children and want them to remain safe and secure during the monitored visits. It is contrary to our mission to be a friend, rival, or confidant of parents. Our sole purpose is to facilitate Monitored Parents’ visits with their Children. Any fears Parents might have of any bias on the part of our Monitors are unfounded.

We serve the Family Law and Dependency court system. Integrity is our core value and serves as the foundation for our business. We offer quality family visitation services. Your children are the center of everything we do! Our Staff Members and Monitors treat Parents and their Children with professional care and respect.

At Family Visitation Services, we acknowledge that each Parent is a unique individual. Some Parents need more help and support than others. Differences arise from a variety of cultures or personalities; however, everyone has the same expectations for high quality and professional services, and we set very high standards. Our company confidently offers the services of many outstanding and qualified Monitors who possess the skills, capabilities, and wisdom best for your family’s specific needs.