Ilene Fletcher

Professional monitored visitations and parenting coaching

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Over 20 years’ experience providing multiple types of in-home family services, supervised visitation and monitoring services to Families in need.

  • Worked in family-owned, 24 hour childcare center
  • Managed and developed a variety of in-home human care services.

Community Service Agency, 1976-1990 – Operations Manager

Provided families requiring in-home care services throughout Southern California; Sending in-home caregivers on a one-on-one basis, for newborns, Children, Children with developmental disabilities, adults and the frail elderly needing in-home care services.

I set up, managed, supervised, and maintained programs and services within the organization.

In-home respite care program for Developmentally Disabled Children through the State of California Regional Center programs under the state’s Lanterman Act from 1976 to 2006.

Family Preservation, 1983-2000

Collaborating with Department of Children’s Services, providing support, homemaking services to families categorized as child neglectors, at rick of having their children taken away to foster care.  To keep families together, programs became part of Family Preservation.

Emergency in-home care for families in Crises; parent taken out of home for illness or jail in the middle of night until a family member or foster caretaker was found.

The American School of Mother Craft Nursing 1982-1987, established from Australian Kantian School of Mother Craft Nursing, an accredited nanny college; Active Board Member and Recruiting Director.

Family Care Agency, Inc., an acquisition, became Family Care Agency; successor to Community Services Agency (1990-2006).  Became Director.

Established Visitation Monitoring Services (1986), a professional full-service child visitation service for high-conflict situations which could include parent alienation, drug or alcohol abuse, molestation, domestic violence, and neglect.  On-call 24/7 to provide services as needed.

Family Care Monitoring Services, 1986-2009, Director

Family Visitation Services, 2010 to Present, Owner and Director

Provides on-site training for monitoring staff.

Involved in more than 1,000 child visitation cases. These cases are referred to our agency by divisions of the Los Angeles Superior Court, private law firms and the Department of Children and Family Services, Minor Counselor, Family Law Attorneys, Mediators, and Judges.

Monitor contact between a child and non-custodial parent or guardian.

Referred by Family Preservation to provide emergency crisis support for families where parents have been removed from the home due to crime, abuse, or hospitalization.

Monitor under the supervision of Professional evaluator at night monitored parent and child during a visit, when requested by the court-appointed custody evaluator.  Observe and document the child and the parent’s behavior and their interactions with one another regarding safety concerns.

Provided visitations and emergency in-home care for at-risk foster children through the Department of Children Services.

Out of city and state visitations for extended periods and accompanied children long distances for unusual situations and requests.

Physically able to and enjoy, skiing, swimming, jump rope, bike riding, snorkeling, and more to facilitate visitations for some parents.

Worked with high profile individuals and families as a monitor, professional child escort, and facilitator of services for families in high stress situations.

Culturally sensitive to difficult family dynamics complicated by cultural core values.

Unorthodox problem solver with excellent communication skills.

Professional Certifications

  • Los Angeles Superior Court Certificate of Training. Course work encompassed a variety of topics including domestic violence, drug and alcohol addictions, parental alienation, anger management, and child abuse reporting.
  • First Aid and CPR Certified. Certifications in First Aid and child and infant CPR, as well as classes on child health and safety, anger management and violence in the workplace and child-abuse reporting.
  • During the Northridge Earthquake (1992), set up a 24 hour emergency on-site child care center within hours for an extended period of time for Cedars Sinai Hospital staffs; similar arrangements made during the riots, President Clinton’s 1996 visit to Los Angeles, and Hospital employees. Since 1992 appointed the official contact person for Cedars Sinai to set up on-site childcare during any emergency and crises that would prevent from coming to work.


Professional Affiliations and Ongoing Education

  • San Fernando Bar Association
  • Los Angeles Bar Association
  •  Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Supervised Visitation Network
  • Orange County Family Law Monitoring List
  • Family Law Symposium, Los Angeles County Bar Association 2006, 2007, 2008 continuing education
  • Judicial Council State mandate education for Judges and Mediators, 16 hours Training, 3/2009 (including 4 hours on addictions and the family)
  • Training – Child Abduction Intervention and Resource Training, Child Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Center, California Institute Office, (805) 639-0525
  • Child Abduction (Chatter)
  • Training – Child Abuse Trauma and Intervention (CATTA)
  • Certified Monitored Training from Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Breakthrough Parenting – Certified as Parenting Coach and Parenting Instructor
  • Training – Understanding the Traumatized Child: Assessment and Interventions (CATTA), 5/14/2010, Modesto, CA
  • 8 Hour Training by SVN – 7/15/2010 – Child Abuse Reporting, Domestic Violence, Drugs Addiction



  • References available on request