Family Visitation Services may charge extra fees for transportation or mileage fees if the Monitor’s vehicle is used or if the Monitor is summoned to appear in court as a witness. Additional fees include the following.

  • Hourly rates may vary depending on visit circumstances, hours, and location.
  • There is a non-refundable one-time set-up fee of $100;
  • Transportation fees start at $10 and increase depending on the visit location (applies to open visits only);
  • Whenever the court orders the Monitor to provide transportation for the exchange or visitation, an additional transportation fee of $0.75 per mile will be charged.
  • A Witness Fee of $500.00 per session morning or afternoon plus parking and transportation expenses will be charged whenever a Monitor or other Staff Member has received a summons or subpoena to appear in court.

Please call 800-526-5129 to duscuss rates for your situation.