Your Monitor has taken an oath to remain neutral and to refuse to discuss the merits of the case, to either agree or disagree with any party over the other. There is no need for your concern; your confidentiality will be carefully guarded.

Discussions between the Monitor and the parents are solely for arranging visitations and maintaining the children’s safety during the visits.

The assigned Monitor will prepare a detailed record of each visit. It will remain on-file at our office. Each report will include but not be limited to the following.

  • The individuals’ names attending the visit;
  • A written record of each contact and visit;
  • The date, time, and duration of the visit;
  • An activity summary of the visit;
  • A list of actions, if any, taken by the Monitor, including any interruptions, interventions, terminations, and the reasons for any of these actions.
  • Any account(s) of critical incidents, including physical or verbal altercations or threats;
  • Violations of court restraining or visitation orders;
  • Any failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the visitation contract as per subdivision (i);
  • Any incidence of abuse or neglect as required by law.

All case recordings are limited to facts, observations, and direct statements by the parties; these exclude the Monitor’s personal conclusions, suggestions, and opinions. Contact with the Monitor may be in person, in writing, or by telephone and may be made by any party, the children, the court, attorneys, mental health professionals, or referring agencies. All of these will be documented in the case file. All entries will include the date and the signature of the person recording the entry.