Guidelines For Preparing Your Child For Monitored Visitations

Nothing is more important than preparing children for their Monitored Visits! This will help them feel comfortable. These suggestions will prepare children for their visits.

  • Use only words that your children can easily understand. Avoid making their visit unimportant or trivial.
  • Avoid telling your children about their visit too far in advance.
  • Assure your children and affirm that you will promptly return for them after the visit ends.
  • Help your children visualize spending time with the Monitored Parent and having a good time.
  • Explain to your children that grown-ups will be at the visit to assure that they will stay safe, secure, and protected.
  • Explain to your children that they will not be forced to say or do what they do not want to.

These guidelines will help make this difficult process go more smoothly and reduce stress and worry for everyone involved.