• The Court orders scheduled appointments. You must keep your appointment, or the Court’s records will show that you failed to comply.
  • You must arrive and depart at your scheduled times. The Monitored Parent must arrive 15 minutes before the visit starts.
  • Custodial Parent must leave the area immediately after having delivered or picked up the child.
  • You must comply with all our staff and monitors’ instructions.
  • It is forbidden to use alcohol or illegal drugs during the visit. Family Visitation Services will cancel the visitation if any parent seems to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • It is forbidden to make derogatory or abusive comments about any other parent, their immediate or extended family members, the child, or the child’s caretaker.
  • Parents are not permitted to ask children for information about another party, their caretakers, or siblings. Children must not be used to send information or documents from one parent to the other.

For On-Site Visitations

We have no refrigerator for On-Site Visitations. You may bring a small ice chest and age-appropriate snacks and beverages. If your child needs diapers, please bring ample supplies of baby wipes and diapers.

Family Visitation Services Staff will terminate without notice any visit if any of the above rules are violated and/or the staff deems it necessary!

Why Are Monitored Visits Important?

  • Children may continue their relationship with both parents.
  • Monitoring provides the children with a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment where parents create no conflicts with each other.
  • Monitoring assures Custodial Parents that they can depend on the Monitor to facilitate enjoyable and comfortable contact with the other parent.
  • Parents can rely on our Professional Monitors to assure that their children will not be interrupted because of personal or communication problems the Parents may have with each other.

Preparing your child for visitations with a parent

Nothing is more important than preparing your children for their Monitored Visit! This will help them feel comfortable. These suggestions will prepare your children for their visit.

  • Use only words that your children can easily understand. Avoid making their visit seem unimportant or trivial.
  • Avoid telling your children about their visit too far in advance.
  • Assure your children and affirm that you will promptly return for them after the visit ends.
  • Help your children visualize spending time with the Monitored Parent and having a good time.
  • Explain to your children that grown-ups will be at the visit to assure that they will stay safe, secure, and protected.
  • Explain to your children that they will not be forced to say or do what they do not want to.