Dear Families and Professionals:

Experience counts, and our children’s safety is paramount. Ilene Fletcher and Anita Miller have collaborated to establish Family Visitation Services. Our objective is to meet the visitation needs of modern families. Our mission is to nurture and foster better communication between parents and children and to strengthen positive family relations through supervised visitations. Ilene is the Executive Director and has conducted supervised visitations since 1986. Anita Miller has an MA in Human Services and has worked with children and seniors for 20 years. These qualified and reputable individuals lead Family Visitation Services.

Ilene is the former director of Family Care Agency and Family Care Monitoring Services. Together, Ilene and Anita combine their expertise in helping families during challenging times. They know and understand the difficult dynamics of families involved in emotionally unpleasant and painful custody disputes. Ilene and Anita have the experience, understanding, and knowledge to deal with the special needs families involved in custody disputes. They have earned the respect, confidence, and admiration of many families in Southern California.

Ilene promotes a family-friendly approach and asserts that this is essential for the best supervised visitations. Families undergoing a highly conflicted and stressful custody battle need the experience, knowledge, and empathy that Ilene provides. We offer our services without fear or favor toward either parent. Providing Monitors who can remain neutral to all parties is at the heart of our professional services. Effective Monitoring cultivates, builds, and maintains relationships that a conflict may have damaged between children and their parents.

Ilene and Anita focus on protecting the safety of both children and parents. Together they offer a safe and neutral environment to help children reconnect with their parents and advocate the children’s safety even during high-risk circumstances. These may arise from the family’s broken relationships and turmoil caused by separation, divorce, or an environment where neglect, abuse, or violence may be prevalent. The complete and total commitment by all parties to the success of the supervised visitations is vital at every stage. Your children’s safety is our top priority!


– Ilene B. Fletcher

Executive Director

Family Visitation Services