About Us


Ilene B. Fletcher is the Executive Director of Family Visitations Services.

Ilene has over 30 years working as a professional monitor supervising child visitation from cases in both the Family Law Court and the Dependency Court (via the Department of Children and Family Services) in Los Angeles County and surrounding counties. Ilene is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of visitation with Non-Custodial Parents.


Family Visitation Services is licensed and insured.

Our agency is regulated by the 2022 California Rules of Court’s Standard 5.20, Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation. The agency’s priority is to provide for the safety of children during the visitation. The high conflict situation that results from child custody cases arises from struggles for power and control, passion and wild emotions, impetuous decisions and rash behavior, poor judgment, a sense of panic, or from a cycle of abuse. What follows is intervention by a Court and an order for supervised visitation.


Monitoring requires the monitor to remain unbiased as a neutral third party and accurately report what transpires during the visitation. We value integrity and respect for all parents and children. Our monitors are also required to have a high degree of cultural competency. The vast majority of our monitors have many years of experience facilitating visitations with the Non-Custodial Parent. You can benefit from our training and experience in the field.

Principles of Family Visitation Services


As a company we value integrity, respect and empathy, dependability, and inclusiveness. These values set a high bar that we aspire to as an organization. We also value continued quality training to help make us better at all aspects of monitoring.


The vision of Family Visitation Services is to establish, foster, and nurture positive relationships between parents and children one visit at a time. We seek to recognize unique family dynamics in their cultural context and provide services accordingly.


The mission of Family Visitation Services is to rebuild and strengthen family relations through safe, supervised visitations. We seek to provide professional, unbiased monitoring services. We provide experience in professional monitoring of supervised visitations.