We offer the following services ...

  • Off-Site Supervised Visitations
  • Monitored Exchanges
  • Virtual Visitations via Zoom
  • Overnight Visitations
  • Detailed Reports of Each Visit
  • Declarations for Court
  • In-Court Appearances (with subpoena)
  • Parenting Coaching & Classes
  • Adult Dependent Monitoring
  • Supervised Exchange of Property

We can provide multilingual monitors ...

The agency provides an array of monitors with varying experiences and skills, all of whom are supervised by Ilene Fletcher. All of our monitors are all fingerprinted and screened by the California Department of Justice as required by law. All our monitors are certified in CPR and First Aid. We also offer services in many different languages.

Many of our monitors are teachers, social workers, or have special training in dealing with children with disabilities. Our monitors are trained not only as required by law for professional monitors, but they all have additional expert training in the areas of child abuse reporting, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse. Our monitors are both authoritative and sympathetic.