Testimonial: An Agency with Integrity and a Wealth of Knowledge

I want to provide my support and recommendation for a very focused, conscientious, and capable family law professional, Ilene Fletcher, the principal at Family Visitation Services.

I have known Ilene for over 10 years and have worked with her on a number of occasions involving some very problematic clients and visitation situations.

As a professional family law attorney with over 40 years in practice, I have witnessed the work ethics of numerous monitoring agencies in Southern California.

I can attest that Family Visitation Services monitors are outstanding in their protocol and neutrality, and offer far superior visitation services and reports than many other agencies.

This is very important as nothing is more of an issue for attorneys, their clients, and the courts than a biased monitoring service.

Family Visitation Services is the primary organization I have collaborated with for visitation services because they comply with the new standards of Assembly Bill 1674 and Rules of the Court 5.20.

They know the law and their obligation to the minor, the parents, and the legal system. They have shown outstanding integrity, accuracy of reporting and have demonstrated over and over that the safety of the children during their visits is their primary concern.

Ilene Fletcher has established a staff of monitors who make up a great organization.

I suggest you contact them to help with your child custody visitation needs. They are professional, ethical, and have a wealth of knowledge in their field. They are capable of doing what is both required and expected in this challenging area.

— Ronald E. Faulk, Family Law Attorney



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