Testimonial: Supporting Parents at a Very Difficult Time

A person encounters supervised child visitation services at a very difficult point in life. Nothing is harder than losing a child and nothing seems to be able to alleviate the pain.

That’s why at the time, it was hard to appreciate what Ilene does for her clients.

Looking back on my experience with her, I can see how much effort and honest compassion she put in that relationship.

First and foremost, Ilene is very professional.

That is expected, but it still is good to know that a person is there when she says she will be or finds a substitute monitor without any effort on your part.

Secondly, it was refreshing in the context of a custody battle to encounter an impartial representative who doesn’t see an enemy of the state in you.

Ilene is fair, impartial, and non-judgmental at all times.

Lastly, her whole attitude is very supportive and encouraging.

Let’s face it, non-custodial parents who have supervised child visitations should be on suicide watch. Ilene provided the support I needed.

At a time when the best help that child welfare agencies could offer was explaining exactly why my child needed to be taken away and protected from me, hers was the only voice telling me not to give up.

I think the cruel and unfair world is a little better because Ilene is here.

— Alex Aitouganov



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